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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Thanks for the encouraging comments girls, glad to know i'm speaking to someone -anyone(!)- apart from my keyboard!

Anyways today; I'd been doing fine, eating my usual raws and nuts and whatnots, then suddenly i just needed chocolate. I could not abstain from its sweet taste so grabbed a mini chocolate cupcake (120) two mint chocolate biscuits (71 each) and rather randomly a wrap (230).
Totally unneccessary and i tell you now i felt like shit afterwards. What happened to willpower? Fighting through the pain for what you really want? What bloody happened to getting into your bikini in 3 weeks?!?

So desperate times = desperate measures, i took a triple dose of lactulose (liquid laxies) and text my skinny (and also very potentially eating disordered)friend and we just went for an hour run. I do feel alot better and exercise always seems to give my motivation abit of a kick up the arse so that's good.
I've just cut up a load of fruit downstairs and stuck it in the freezer..don't actually know why it goes in the freezer..but that's what all the recipes on juice fasting website are telling me.
Oh did i mention that?- i'm not satisfied with the just going raw anymore, i want it in liquid form so i don't even have to chew those demon calories ;) juice fasting here i go!
21 days starting tomorrow, fits perfectly into the slot between this evening and the last one before i jet off in a plane the following day.
And actually, despite the obvious main factor of promised weight loss the other benefits of fasting look amazing: skin, wellbeing, health in general etc.
If you read my earlier posts you'll know that i fasted for a week before only a couple of months ago and although i was happy with the results to an extent i think i can do alot better and be alot stricter this time round. The sound of the ticking clock counting down the days 'til i bare all is also rather motivating (:

So yes, i plan on juicing up some fruit in the mornings with a green tea; a green, leafy concoction at lunch and then whichever for the evening if i do want. I'm also gonna buy some innocent smoothie cartons, which despite being high in sugar are admittedly exactly that: 'innocent' and do only contain pure, concentrated fruit juice for when i cba to juice up and clean up!

Wish me luck on another weightloss adventure and i'll keep yous posted, i've gotta get my pigsty of a room gutted then have a wee bath and a bit of scrubbing, face masking, waxing and nail painting i think



  1. You can totally do this. It's a huge encouragement for me to see somebody else having the same struggles I am to be comfortable wearing a bikini in a short amount of time. Best of luck on the juice fasting. I'm sure taht'll be loads of fun. I believe in you. We believe in you.

  2. sounds great. x

  3. ahh dude. i have to be in a bikini in 3 weeks too. let's do this fucking shit! :)

    good luck


  4. Thanks for the lovely pictures. I don't want to chastise you, but you should really cut back on the laxies for your health. I abused them, and I ballooned to my HW. It takes a few months to get your digestive system back to normal, but the bloating will stop. I promise. Take care. xoxo