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Tuesday, 22 December 2009


I've been putting off posting for a while, just for the simple fact that i feel unworthy of even having any of you bother to read it.
Everyone else always seems to be making progress and i'm too worried about weighing myself in the morning in fear of reality comin' crashing down.
I don't really know how to describe it, i feel like a pathetic tag-a-long not strong enough to really apply myself.
I just don't understand it, i can't seem to comprehend how my body doesn't recognise that the one thing i want more than anything in the world trumps all my other needs.
Pah, needs, that describes me well, needy and weak.
I need help just to do something i want, God help me with everything else.

I could scream in frustration at myself for my own mistakes.

None of that probably made any sense. Sorry.
Another thing i could probably use help with..cohesion.

Maybe see you all in the new year.
Have a good christmas girls, here's to the new year: a new start!



Monday, 14 December 2009


I came on last night, and i don't want to torture myself with the scales in this bloated form.
Infact i have 10 days after this one to get a serious losing streak on the go.. then it's bikinis+beaches+boys.
I should be excited, but from here i'm dreading it.
Wish me luck; I'm'a try and not post 'til maybe christmas eve if i can- and i can hopefully deliver the goods! I'm just aiming for 7 stone (98lbs) if not less.
Speak to you all soon ladies, hope you're enjoying the 12 days of christmas.. blahblahblahblalahhhlahhh :)


Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Thank God for CHEW&SPIT!



Just had some homemade cranberry+kiwi+pineapple juice/smoothie.
Not very nice if i do say so myself!

But it's alright. Thinkthinthinkthin. Think Lil J from gossip girl.

I love her bony shoulders.. but isn't she being a right bitch to anyone who watches GG?!


Monday, 7 December 2009


Hi guys!
Haven't been blogging as much as i used to.. I have just be so, so busy with college + work and stuff :/
still been checking up on all'a your blogs though.

Anyways, like my title says i'm starting a..detox!
with my mum!
Yes, for the next two weeks (can you believe it's only 2 and a half weeks 'til my holiday?!) we are eating nothing but homemade fruit juices, vegetable soups- and some raw fruit + veg.
we went today and bought hundreds of different foods and i can't wait.
it's'a perfect way to eat less than 500 cals without suspicion, and drop some serious pounds!

the plan is to weigh myself first thing monday mornings, so i should have 3 entries.
The other thing, apart from the holiday is that next sunday (the penultimate day of the detox (even though i plan on keeping to a similar diet)) is my friends'- yes, there's 3, 3 days apart- birthday so we're going up town and all have to look amazing.
and you girls know what amazing means?..skinny ;)
here's hoping.

Pluss, i think i'm gonna try and do water fasts on a thursday 'cause that's always my busiest day.
I'm gonna try and blog as much as possible and let you know how it's going and most importantly if it's working (:

Here's my plan:

I rounded all the 'meals' to the maximum amount of calories they would be, which is easy to know 'cause i'm making it all!
This is my desktop background to keep me motivated (oh and i know the model isn't super skinny, i just think it's a beautiful -holidayish- photograph)

i hope everyone's diets are going well too.
You know what they say 'start as you mean to carry on'- well let's start the new year thin and gorgeous, eh?

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