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Friday, 30 October 2009


Well, I've decided i'm not allowing myself to post again 'til i've got myself sorted.
I'm going today to buy a new set of scales and i won't be back 'til i'm 100 lbs.
Hope you girls are all doing well, i'll still be checking up on everyone else's blogs.

P.S. thankyou survival of the thinest you've been so supportive :)

See you in skinny-land ladies!


  1. well, it probably won't be long until you post // hope to hear from you soon with great news!!

    stay strong. xxobeezaa

  2. Hey! It looks like you have a goal of loosing 15ish lbs by mid December! I am too, that’s when my Uni has winter break and that means I will be seeing loads of people I haven’t seen in months, and I want to shock and wow them all. My best friend and me are doing weekly weigh ins also, on Thursdays, lol so I just thought I’d let you know all that. Good luck, starve on <3 Noelle

  3. wow! you officially have the best thinspo ever. They are all so perfect and tiny <3

    Anyways, I'm sort of new here so I'd love it if you could check out my blog:
    It's basically my way of spreading the idea of using creative therapies to treat eating disorders. If you check it out- Thank you! and if you like it- follow it ;) lol.