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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Let's make this FAST.

I've just remembered and I know that no-one's probably came across this blog yet but even so...
Tomorrow i'm starting a 3-day fast.
Quite excited, i want to feel the emptiness.
So please feel free to join? Late or not.
I'll update on how it goes.

Oh and while i'm here i might aswell give abit of an x-factor update ;)!
Let me just say that i think Danyl Johnson is one of the sexiesttt men alive

 Oh Baby ;) anyyy day! lol.

BUT :| john&edward anyone? i'm confused!
why are they still here.

 Annoying little bastards too aren't they. It would be different if they were even funny...

Enough of them anyway, i'm really looking forward to this fast tomorrow. I've been feeling like such'a fat pig this weekend and i can't stand the way i feel after stuffing my face. Hope everyone is doing well though.

 Eat to live, don't live to eat.

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  1. OH my God, NOOO, I love Jedward! Hopfully gonna see them in concert :) and I love your blog (: <3