Perfection is attained: not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Day One.


Ahh ^^ that is just perfection to me. I love her hipbones, that is exactly what I'm striving to be.
Godd, so day one of my fast over. And it has literally been a breeze, which is inevitable for the first day. I got abit hungry at lunchtime but i've been at work all day running about (thank god! money and distraction;)) and by the time i was finished they'd passed. My mum met me in town though and bought me a small hot chocolate :/ but it's cool, i've still not consumed any food. She's making dinner now but I not hungry at all anyway so it should be easy not having any?

BUT, next saturday i'm being forced to dress up for halloween. SO i had to buy an outfit today..mmm a cat.
I've got the ears, tail, cuffs (since when do animals wear shiny black and silver cuffs!?) and the bowtie (obviously).
i'm just wearing leggings and a black vest top. But ahh, pressure. Very tight outfit and i'm dreading having to walk about in that. But i've still got a week before i'm squeezing into that little number. That's why I'm going to challenge myself and see if i can extend this fast anymore than 3 days...
i'll decide after tuesday though!

I'm gonna post abit of my personal, favourite thinspo- Jessica Stroup to keep us all motivated (: ...

She is sooo gorgeous and tiny.
I love 90210.

Anyways, x-factor tonight, lets hope the twins go ;)

Thin has a taste all of its own


  1. Jessica Stroup is also one of my favorite thinspo. She is has a killer body. I'm fasting too today!
    Keep up the good work.

  2. i love that hipbone-photo. that's my goal too!
    i like your blog btw !