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Sunday, 27 March 2011


Despite my own disbelief at being able to succeed in my fast
this weekend I am pleased to report back that I’ve done it girls!
Haha, not a huge deal… 3 days but it just feels so good to know that if I want to I can do whatever I want. And d’you know what? - It wasn’t hard at all!
Maybe because I kept reminding myself what the outcome would be but seriously I really enjoyed it and barely had any moments of weakness, I’ve had loads (well that might be a slight exaggeration, but enough) energy to carry me through this weekend.
AND I thought after doing so well and feeling so fresh I thought i should finish off a perfect fast with a SWF (salt water flush.. if you don’t know, you should do some googling). Don’t need to fill you in on all the gory details! I’ve got the whole house to myself all night as well which was the main reason I thought I’d better take advantage of the total privacy.
So now I’m just drinking a chamomile tea and getting ready to be in bed by 10pm. I know, but I’m absolutely shattered. Had to be in work dead early today but in addition to that the clocks went forward so lost an extra hour of precious sleep.  L

So seeing as I am really, really running out of time before the big day I’ve made up a strict regime for the next month-ish. Here it is:Monday 28th March -> Thursday 31stMarch (payday woo) -1000cals max and 1 hour exercise min
Friday 1st April -> Sunday 3rdApril –Liquid Fasting
Monday 4th April -> Thursday 7thApril -1000 cals max and 1 hour exercise min

Friday 8th April -> Sunday 10thApril - Liquid Fasting (+ SWF)
Monday 11th April -> Thursday 14th April - 1000 cals max and 1 hour exercise min

Friday 15th April -> Thursday 21st April - Liquid Fasting + morning jog + yoga
Friday 22nd April - 1000 cals
Saturday 23rd April (Birthday woo!) - 500 cals: to line the stomach! Haha ;)

Speak soon ladies J

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  1. I am so proud of your success!! Isnt it empowering?? (ps. I put funny reaction because it was positive, but more proud than anything else. Just had to clarify!!) Keep up the fantastic work!!