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Friday, 30 April 2010

I think i now understand..

The meaning of the 'highs and lows of fasting'. Jasus!
I woke up today, sun shining.. absolutely freezing, shivering, goose pimples- the lot!
Then suddenly i was unbelieveably sweating, literally without being gross, i was drenched (puke, oh i know)
It was absolutely horrible, and i've read about the detoxification stage a hundred or more times but gah that was horrible.
I had a coffee, 2 glasses of squash and a litre of water but i couldn't stop shaking.

So, i had a 90 cal instant cup a soup. No croutons or floating pieces of veg. Like drinking a mushroom flavoured tea? Omg that sounds vile.

And now i feel absolutely stuffed. But it's weird i don't feel any less hungry than before (but hunger pains have recently been sparse considering the deficit) just full, like water loaded. And it's horrible. I'm trying not to feel  bad, but yous girls can imagine when you've been so strong before?

Anyways, idk what that means? Obviously i'm continuing my fast and i hope it won't be was liquids afterall?!
And i only did it 'cause i've got an essay to write and i couldn't even type.
But i've decided to postpone my night out 'til next saturday. Then for the these next three days fast as i've been doing (sans soup) and have pure water only for the entirety of next week.
I should have lost abit by then and notice a difference.

I'm looking forward to it though. I'll keep yous all updated anyways :)

Hope everyone's well :)


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  1. Good luck hun. Your doing well. Seriously. And maybe try layering your clothes hun.