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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Hey guys!

Haven't eaten since monday afternoon- i've never properly fasted, as in i always caved at the end of the second day.
I feel amazing, i feel like i could go on forever. Why didn't anyone tell me how great i'd feel haha?!
No idea what's going on weight wise tbh, i put on abit so i'm avoiding the scales atm.
I'm definitely fasting 'til Monday.. after that i really want to do another week if i can get away with it.

2 days pure water, then out sunday night (bank holiday) and gonna get drunkkk.
Empty stomach + alcohol is a bad idea ;) but atleast i'll sick up all the empty cals!

Sorry i'm hardly posting guys; exams soon and i need to get my head down. I will try and update as much as possible :)

Hope everyone else is doing well.. remember it's nearly bikini time!


1 comment:

    I will get there soon... i start mine tomorrow!
    and aside from drinking this weekend, so solid food will pass these lips!

    dont you just love coming back monday thinner?! :P