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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

P.S. i really need to thank everyone for the support you have given in comments, i don't show my gratitude enough to all you girls- and 99 follower, god! never thought anyone would be interested in the crap i have to say haha, thankyou though (:

I don't know if many of you know the show Supersize vs Superskinny, 'cause i'm personally obsessed with it..
Reverse and Thinspiration all in one, i love it.
You girls should check out the videos.. i reckon you'd be interested too

And finally, now i'm getting back into updating i've just come across some lovely pictures of Mila Kunis for her recent shoot in GQ.
Know no-one will appreciate it as much as you lot...


Stay skinny, minis


  1. I totally agree, supersize vs superskinny is the best!!Why anyone that cute and small would want to put on weight I'll never know though :)

  2. loved that show since forever (L)

  3. i feel the same way ! oversized sweaters and sweats. lets do it together! lets only eat fruit and smoothies and coconut water for 15 days. it will be nice and fast !