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Friday, 13 November 2009


New Diet. Total Cals: 800

200 B: Green Tea + Cereal
170 S: Fruit + Cereal Bar
175 L: Soup + Rice Cake
130 S: Non-fat Yoghurt + Celery with Vinegar
75 D: Egg-white Omelette/Salad
50 S: (Low Cal)Hot chocolate/(Skinny)Latte/Tea/Coffee

Exercise. Total Cals: 500
100 M: 5 mins jogging + 100 jumping jacks + 5 mins jogging
400 N: 15 mins jogging + 200 jumping jacks + 100 squats + 100 crunches
          100 lunges + 100 leg lifts (each) + 200 arm circles.

New plan, and 800 cals a day seems too big to be considered as restricted to me, IDK, that list looks like alot of food to me. But i don't want to binge, i'm not that out-of-control sort of person and they are really depressing me. I hate myself when I do so my body's obviously telling me I'm doing something wrong.
We'll see how this goes, i need to lose 3 lbs a week if i'm gonna make 98lb by the christmas do. Obviously that won't be possible if my stomach keeps taking control of my mind!
It's still atleast 500 cals less than I need to be losing 2 pounds a week healthily and I'm burning off atleast 500 cals a day (when I'm not at the gym aswell) which will leave me at a total of 300 cals per day. I think i can do this, it feels like alot.

I've been watching alot of thinspiration videos again aswell and that's got me motivated.

Anyways, if i don't appear to be losing weight quick enough after a couple of weeks i'm just gonna fast- i will be in the double figures.

P.S. Thanks for everyone's comments, you're all so supportive it's amazing. I can't believe anybody would ever be interested in what i have to say.
Ohh ++ and a satsuma's like a really small orange btw ;) lol.

Don't do anything today that you will regret tomorrow.


  1. it looks like a really good plan because if it isnt working you can cut stuff out which is better than starting to low and ending up binging


  2. Your plan looks good, and I agree with Rain - you can always cut things out. When I've planned my intake I usually look at it like it's the maximum I can have, so if I don't feel the need to eat something when it's snack time, for example, I won't eat it, and I'll have saved myself calories.

    Great pictures by the way :)

    Stay strong.