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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Now I'm gonna be completely clogging up your news feed..

But I'm so bored and just finished work and trying to kill abit of time before it's a fairly acceptable time to go to sleep (10.00pm I'm saying)
Anyways anyways what did I even want to say? Fast went fine ofcourse, it'll be for the next 3 Thursdays. I'm counting today as my introduction into the fast though, just because I'm making it an official 3 week JUICE fast, and today wouldda made it odd, so i had a glass of juice and just had a cup of tea too ( a final fairwell!) haha.
I can't explain what it is about fasting- but i find it so much easier to do than restricting?..
And it's not for any of the naff saint-ana pretentious reasons either.I mean c'mon! I'm not loving feeling so empty, flying like an angel because of the weightlessness of my total peace and clarity with my mind, body and soul.Ha, NO.I think it might be that I really am just too all-or-nothing. :/Which just means literally restricting days never truly last, I don't know why I manage to abstain from food altogether but can't stop myself having an extra biscuit or slice of toast when I'm meant to be dieting.Hmm..Anyways back to the now, 3 weeks starts tomorrow! I'm excited to see if I can actually do it though. The longest I've managed is 8 days.. which sounds rather insignificant in comparison but I never had a real aim I was just seeing if I could. The date of my birthday can't be altered.. I have no choice but to lose this weight.The first week I'm usually motivated, then by next weekend I'll only have 2 weeks left 'til the actual night out so If I don't carry on I won't have any time to make amends!Hopefully that'll be enough to keep me going.. I'm not trying the dress on again 'til a couple of days before.JUST INCASE.Not only do i hope to be able to surprise myself but I don't wanna get bored, and I wanna see a noticeable comparison to the last time.BUT LADIES I NEED YOUR WISDOM!..Pleasepleaseplease tell me that one of you has some tips on maintaining after a fast, is it really possible?!  know the basics- Don't binge at McDonalds Drive-Thru the entire fortnight after, but seriously what do I do?Gonna love ya's and leave ya's :)


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  1. I personally havent fasted long enough. I would say the advice that i have been given is to start eating again SLOWLY which unfortunately involves some restriction. Listen to your body. But that is to get off the fast. Watching calories after helps maintain too I have heard. My fasts are only 3-4 days long at the most, so I dont know for that long, but that is what I have been told!