Perfection is attained: not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

- Has it really been over 6 months?!

I don't know where it's gone.. motivation- but I'm here still.
I'm still here, every last heavy bit of me :(
Disgusting and disappointed and running out of precious time.
Time that should be spent living life- not hating it and hiding behind baggy clothes. What a waste of my teenage years, not wanting to go out and be normal and have fun. Too much time has been wasted  despising every aspect of me.
No more, pleeeeeeeease, I don't wanna be so unhappy all the time for one more day!
I have less than five weeks until I become an adult. My birthday will note the first day of the rest of my life.. As a woman.
I want to be beautiful, and the best (worst) part is that I could be, if I could just put down that second helping of cake..third..fourth..
Anyways, looking back over previous months of blogging I was alot more focused then, and I really have to be again.
I have no choice, if I'm not gonna do it this time I undoubtedly never will.
Goodbye Fatty, I never want to be seeing you again!
A stone in 4.5 weeks- possible/easy right?!



  1. WHAT THE FUCK. I'm so glad you're back!!!!!! I have missed you! You always had the best attitude, the best pictures and you're British like me!

    So what's new? Can we get skinny together? xx

  2. Finally a blog post from you! I know exactly how you feel. And I have been on a strict diet for 4 weeks ever since I got back from my vacation in London.
    Bikini season is coming soon, maybe that will motivate you.