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Monday, 3 May 2010

Do it Dukan!

I know i'm not the only one of you girls to hear about this and be trying it out- so along with JLO and the rest, me and my ma' are trying the Dukan Diet!

Here's a brief explanation for any of you who haven't heard:

Our size, says Dr Dukan, is largely determined by the number of fat cells (called adipocytes) we are born with. The more you have, the greater your capacity to gain weight (women, unfortunately, usually have more than men).

The problem is, when you eat badly or too much and gain weight, your adipocytes put on weight too, becoming distended. If this continues, the adipocytes ‘hypertrophy’, or enlarge, and eventually reach the limit of their elasticity.
At this critical moment, if you continue to live unhealthily, each adipocyte cell will divide into two daughter cells, doubling your body’s capacity to make and store fat.
It also makes dieting much harder because although you may be able to reduce the size of your adipocytes, the daughter cells will never become a single mother cell again.
Having worked with tens of thousands of patients, Dr Dukan believes the crisis point happens when your body mass index (BMI) reaches 28, making managing and controlling your weight more complicated.
But after ten years of widespread use in France, the Dukan Diet has been proven to help the obese as well as those with only a few pounds to lose.

So i've called an end to my fast, i made it a whole week! And the best part (besides the weightloss) is knowing that i can actually do it if i need to.
So anyways, back to the diet there are 4 stages: attack, cruise, consolidationstabilisation
 Here's the basics..

I don't like the sound of adding carbs in, slices of bread and cheese but i don't generally have that in my diet anyways so i'm hoping not to include that.
Basically you're meant to do the 'attack' stage between 1-10 days.
We've decided to go the full ten (despite we both brim on BMIs of 20)
wonders of an ex-anorexic mother.
Which will take us right up to the day before the big family do, perfect timing!

Here's an overview of the menu for the next week and a half then, from wednesday morning:

BREAKFAST - 120 cals
Oat Bran Pancake and a Green Tea.

LUNCH - 180 cals
Fat Free Cottage Cheese (70/half cup)
Fat free (fruit free!) Yoghurt  (60/pot)
Wafer Thin Sliced Ham/Chicken (50/3 slices)

DINNER - 200 cals?
Grilled Chicken/Fish

So; it works out about 500 cals per day without suspicion and no carbs! Should fall off really. It also recommends filling up on drinks (inc. diet cokes etc.)

3L Water
Diet Drinks

Body Pump Daily (fitness instructor, remember? This is weight training.. so whilst i'm dropping mass i'm turning all my flab into muscle)
Dukan insists on a 30 mins walk daily too (easy: dogs)
And 20 mins abs work.

I am really lookign forward to it, and i feel dead optimistic that it will deliver results.
I don't know if anyone else has tried it for long, but i'd love to hear? or even inspire you to join in (:

Anyways i have an exam in the moning so i need to wake up early to cram some revising in!

P.S. we need a scale, desperately then i can accurately update you guys


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  1. Thanks for sharing your meal plan! Low-carb and high-protein sounds like the way to go.