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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Like I said, wait for the good.

Sorry, my posts seem alot more few and far between these days. I'm still interested in all your daily going ons girls i just don't seem to be having a very interesting life at the moment :')
But anyways, like i said i'm only here to blog about the good, so i'm here to deliver the goods.

Literally I've been back to restricting a week and i've already shifted half a stone (7 lbs) of holiday/christmas excess.
The trousers that were clinging to my thighs this time last week already feel loose. It's amazing.
The best part is i've not even been that strict on myself.
Well when i say not strict i mean i've been allowing myself the odd hobnob here and there and a low-cal hot choclate when i need something sweet but it doesn't feel like i have to try that hard.
Saying that i haven't been going over around 600-700 calories any of the days but most of that is built up of cereal, salads and homemade vegetable soup.
To be honest though, i must admit i have been slacking on the whole exercise front aswell but i''ve just figured seeing as i have alot of college work on at the moment and i am still losing i'm not gonna push until i stop.
That's the best part about not being too severe at first 'cause i always have room to take away (or add) when the weightloss slows.
I'm in a good place, i have to say :)

Saying that i definitely want to be 5 lbs lighter by next friday, i'm going out with my cousin and all his sexy friends ;) plus my brother's gf is coming who is tiiiiny. So abit of competition. Don't get me wrong i love her but i can't look like a fat frump in comparison- can i ?!

Wish me luck though ladies, lets keep eachother motivated.

P.S. i'm glad you liked the megan thinspo last post :)
And, ohmygosh, i cannot believe 76 followers :o hi all!

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  1. this model in the very first picture; do you know her name?
    i see her everywhere..