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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Goshhh, i feel like i've been away forever!
Happy New Year girls- is it too late to be saying that now?

Well, christmas was fine. No turkey. No stuffing. No pudding.
No, instead mexican.
The best bits about holidays though, i find is a time i always seem to lose weight. Not sure why it just seems the easiest time.
Infact, i do know why. So we went away with my family and my cousin's best friend (important to remember at this point: GF)
Well anyways, he was gorgeous! Literally, but he was lovely aswell. And funny. And, yummmmmmm.
So basically (and i know about the unsaid girls rules) something happend :)
And i didn't want it to and on numerous occasions i had to remind him, that he had to infact remember he was taken.

'You should feel guilty!'
'I know, but I can't there's just something about you.'

Oh god, he seduced me ladies that's all i can say ;)

Nothing big happened by the way, no sex. But i remember on the last night lying in bed with him and he said...

'I've been wondering something all holiday..'
'Go on,'
'Why don't you ever sunbathe in just a bikini?'

-At this point i went bright red; observant ay?!

'I don't know'
'There must be a reason, don't say you're self conscious. Seriously you'r e almost perfect [haha, yeah smooth 'almost] there's nothing to you!'

Omg, ladies just tell me you could say no ;)

Anyways, I lost a couple of pounds in the week. Just from not eating all day then picking at dinner.
Sorta gave me the incentive to carry on at home.
|Especially as so called lad is constantly ringing and texting me now, and we're all going to my cousin's this saturday aswell.
Nice bit of pressure and eagerness to impress as abit of motivation.

So anyways, i've decided that i only want to log in here when i have good things to say.
I don't wanna drag you down with my depressing posts!

So hopefully, it won't take me long to be posting again :)

Stay Skinny, x

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  1. you must have been on an adrenaline high the whole time! how fun! and scandalous, lol. :)