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Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Woo! Went shopping today.. usually very depressing! But a nice suprise had to buy all size 6s :) (US 2?)
So yeah that's all i needed to motivate me again, i think that's the best thing for making you wanna reach your goal- knowing that what you're doing is actually making a difference.

I've got another target for when i'm hoping to reach 98 lbs.. Christmas do on the 6th of Dec. And i wanna look real good= real skinny ;)
i know what i wanna wear but im gonna try/buy in 3 weeks if i've actually lost some weight. But that was enough to make me refuse dinner!
+++ my friend brought me round her bikini i'm borrowing for the holiday to try on and although i didn't want to see myself atleast gave me an indication of how far i've got to go and not to give up 'cause i really don't have time to.

So, today i've had:

- Shredded wheat (uck, disgusting) : 150
- Satsuma : 15
- Low fat yoghurt : 115
- Cup'a'soup : 100 cals
-Cereal bar : 120

500 cals bang on. I'm doing my exercises lateron aswell and i worked out that that should burn around 250 cals.

Fridge pickers.. wear big knickers ;)


  1. Love the thinspo and great job on the low calorie count for the day!
    Love the quote at the end too. Definitely made my day lol.
    Take care love.

  2. Wow, just 500 cals, that’s impressive. That’s what I try to eat, but I fail..haha

    What’s Shredded wheat and Satsuma btw?

    Love your blog; you have so much good and pretty thinspo!
    With that attitude I’m sure you can reach your goals!
    Stay strong xoxo