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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Healthy Competition?

Hello ladies (and new followers!)
So as you know and obviously understand how hard it is not having scales (ahh!?) and i hate not knowing where i am i've come up with an idea with my friend.
So, there's always been tbh major competition between me and H i've never really known why 'cause she's gorgeous and thin, but we are both the most alike out of all our friends (small, long brown hair, spends all our money on clothes..) and for this reason she's always seen it as an opportunity to be better than me at all these things.
We did actually fall out over it 'cause she took it too far and friends don't normally try to make you look shit just so they can look good? RIght? Hmm..
Anyways, we've just started hanging out again and guess what she has ;)
oh yes, a lovely pair of accurate SCALES.
We've got a free period every tuesday morning in college so we're having a weekly weigh in then at hers. Obviously just to track our progress, no competition necessary 8-)
I'm really excited though 'cause now i have something to work for each week i think i'll be more determined to lose. Plus, with her checking the scales too i have to beat her don't i?
Just a bit of healhy motivation and because of that anyone for some ..thinspiration?

This is where we will be  ;)

Her birthday is the 19th of December, six days before i go away..
So i'm hoping to reach my goal weight of 90lbs by then, I'm 104lbs now do you guys think it's possible?
Obviously i'd like to reach it by December, but i don't want to disappoint myself anymore.
I can't purge, i've tried and tried but no gag reflexes! so if anyone can give any tips on how else you lot lose quickly?
Here's my diet plan for the rest of this week:

B: Green Tea and Porridge        - 175 cals.
S: Pear                                            - 80 cals
L: Slim'a'soup and a satsuma    - 70 cals
S: Non Fat Yoghurt                      - 75 cals
D: Banana                                      - 100 cals

Total: 500 cals
I'm gonna go to the gym everyday I'm not working next week too. I hope it works.
Then next week i'm gonna cut out the cereal and go from there.

Hope everyone else is doing well

Think beautiful, skinny thoughts!

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